Man Made Floods

Over the weekend we had something of an issue. Behind our refrigerator is a water connection socket for things like ice makers and builtin water dispensers. As we have neither in our fridge, it effectively sat unused all this time. When we bought our house it had leaked a little. We got it fixed and that was that I thought.

Saturday morning when we got up, we noticed the sound of water running. I figured a faucet had been left on or possibly the toilet downstairs might have been running through the night. As soon as I get to the stairs I realize that the water running is quite a bit louder. It didn’t sound good. When I get downstairs I find the floor flooded coming out of the kitchen. I waded through water to find that socket turned on full blast and firing water into the air. I grabbed some plumbing pliers and turned it off. It was a huge mess.

The water had filled the kitchen with around a inch and half of water. The carpet downstairs was also fully soaked throughout most of the downstairs. We bought a wet/dry vac and starting the process of getting all the water up. A friend brought his vac over as well. After working all day we had pretty much gotten things at a semi-reasonable state. We kept the windows open and fans blowing overnight as well to help continue to dry things. The house is in the low 50s, which makes things rather difficult.

Today we’ll be calling the insurance company to see if there is more we need to do as well as if we can get some help doing it. It is all pretty frustrating because it really shouldn’t have happened. We had a professional plumber come to plug up that socket originally and he obviously just put some putty in it. I realize this might be totally fine, but obviously, in practice is was anything buy. We found a nice solid metal cap and rubber washer worked much better plugging up the hole, so it surprises me that a pro wouldn’t have done something similar. After a couple days of fans blowing and the house being exceptionally cold, I think the worse is definitely behind us. The carpet is pretty dry and while the mat is most likly still pretty wet, I think it might be drying out as well. The whole thing made for a pretty bad weekend. Thanks to all our friends that came over to stomp on towels and hang out in the cold.