A Few PyCon Thoughts

I’m almost done with the first day of PyCon and it has been a really good time. One thing that is kind of nice is that I don’t have a really strong topical focus. It has been allowing me to attend talks that fall on the edges of my interests, which means topics that don’t seem reflect directly on my day to day work. Fortunately, these kinds of talks often have an impact through exposure to different ideals or technology. A great example was an open space on MongoDB. They were talking about some pretty serious low level stuff, but at the same time, it was some great overviews of how things work.

Culturally it is a pretty interesting experience. This past year has pushed me to split my focus on music in addition to technology. It has been a good thing to get a better balance life and appreciate the time I do spend on technology. The converse is that the overwhelming geekiness of the crowd is rather stark. This is far from a bad thing. It is really inspiring to see people who are entirely engulfed in not just technology but the community surrounding it. While the initial social interactions can be tough for all involved (myself definitely included) once the commonality of Python comes to forefront, lasting friendships quickly develop.

It is definitely a good time to spend the days with such an interesting and intelligent group of people. There are immensely smart people all in once place and while there are plenty of quirks, there is a mass of kindness that is rather refreshing. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!