Getting Ready for SXSW

Once again SXSW is coming up an we’re getting ready. We’re in full on practice mode focusing on getting our songs extremely solid. In addition to playing, we managed to get ourselves roped into helping out with a day show. This was a first. The first step was getting sponsors. That managed to work itself out at the eleventh hour. Our next task is to put together a backline for the bands as many are from out of town and won’t be touring down.

Outside of the obvious logistics and preparation, we’re getting ready mentally. It is funny because last year we really had high expectations. We didn’t really think that we’d be walking out with mountains of record deals or massive hype, but it did feel as though some opportunities might come to fruition. This year, we had hoped to have solidified our plans for immediately after southby (as we say in the ATX). There was an assumption that we’d know what we were doing next in terms of a full length, which meant that SXSW was not a critical event for us. Life is never what you expect and things didn’t happen as we expected. The result is southby is once again an important event for us.

There is one thing in life that seem to be true. When you’re planning an expecting great things to happen, they probably won’t. The best example I have of this is how I met my wife. I was in high school and gotten sick of wanting to be in a heavy relationship. The truth is I hadn’t been some sort of serious relationship or anything close, but in my own childish high school way, my mind was made up to stop trying to find a soul mate and just get to know people. Not a week or so after making this internal decision do I meet my wife and the rest is history! I’ve been happily married for 10 years, have had a blast and learned more about life than I could ever imagine.

I think the lesson to take away when preparing for something important like SXSW is that it is really just a few days and it doesn’t define what or who you are. Believe it or not great opportunities happen all the time. It is not realistic to be maxed out all the time in terms of readiness, so be realistic. This is the cliche “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” idea. The thing about cliches is that they often are painfully true, even though you don’t really want them to be. This year for SXSW we’re expecting to play some shows and have a good time. Things have already been more exciting, so simply trying to be ready is the mindset going forward. I have a feeling it will all work out in the end.