Personal Stats

I had an idea this afternoon. I’d like to compile a set of personal stats. As a programmer it is probably a little easier since adding data can be a bit more automatic. The idea is to basically keep a log of things you get done and track them. Revolutionary, I know. Where I think this goes differently is that instead of just marking things as done, you are actually keeping track of more minuscule data. For example, if you write, you keep a running total of how many words you’ve written, deleted and a final count when you’re done at the moment. The idea is that you’d not only see a history of what you did, but you might get a better insight into things like accuracy. A lot of typing tutors do this kind of basic analysis, but taking the concept into more general aspects might be really interesting. Here are some examples:

  • How many complete articles did you read today vs. how many you started reading vs. how many your hovered your mouse over for second as though you were considering reading it?
  • How many files did you create vs. how many were created by your code vs. other code?
  • How much data do you typically save on your machine every day explicitly vs. implicitly (caches)

There is a whole ton of data that might be interesting to plot that might shed some light into where you’re really wasting time or resources. Honestly this idea is probably a micro optimization to help get more done, but it is interesting none the less. I’d wonder if looking at the data what sorts of goals someone might create? In any case, that was my idea.