Loving Music

We have a new record coming out and while the process was a huge struggle, I’m really glad it is coming out. Like anything that takes a lot of work, it is rewarding to finally see it come to fruition. But beyond that, I think the album, struggles we’ve had to get it finished and  getting on the road all reveal that as a band, we love music. That is why we do it.

Our goal as a band is to make the best music humanly possible. We want to be excellent players and write songs that stretch our abilities physically, but more importantly, we want to write music that connects with people in a challenging way. We want to write songs that demand attention and a desire repeated listening. We want to be someone’s favorite band. Most importantly though, we want to do this because it is what music has done for us.

It is interesting because even though I love music, it is difficult to listen when doing other things. It draws too much attention too easily.

I’ll hear a lyric or melody that makes me reflect on the effect it has me and others. It doesn’t have to be a style that I particularly enjoy either. If there is a song playing I listen. My desire is to understand how it touches others and often times how it touches me.

My hope and goal is that people enjoy our new record and in turn love more music. Our goal is to be popular, but not for any personal gain, but rather as a side effect of lots of people connecting with our music.

We’d like to be like The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, etc.

because those bands have all made an impact on a huge number of people.

People have wept when seeing big bands and it is not because they are sad. It is because they have the opportunity to take songs they’ve listened to over and over, through difficult times in their life, see it performed live by the very people who wrote and recorded the music.

I’ve had a few chances to meet musicians that have made an impact on my life. Rarely was I star struck or in awe. I always have an undeniable desire to tell them thank you.