First Bike Ride Back

Last night I went on my first ride since getting back from tour. Things went pretty well for not having ridden for three weeks. I’m also getting over a cold, which didn’t help.

General health aside, I noticed a couple things that I think will help improve my rides. I ride witha friend who has been riding a little while now and even though I know he is in better shape, I think there are some things that help him go faster more consistently. Here are some things that are different.

First off, he has skinnier tires. I’ve ridden his bike and it is definitly a rougher ride. But I think they do help keep your speed up.

He also has a bigger chain ring. Obviously, since this makes it harder to pedal, changing this is not entirely a physics issue. Still, there are many times when I am pedalling but I don’t get any power.

The last thing is that he has a bike lock that fits on his bike. I have a bigger u-lock that I have to bring my bag for. My theory is the wind resistance adds up. Even if that isn’t the case, I’d like to get a chain I can just wear instead of always having my bag.

I’m not denying that I need to get in better shape, but I think making a couple small changes might help remove some slightly minor issues and help make riding a little more consistent. One dumb thing I didn’t do was pump up my tires. That actually made a surprisingly big difference.