Emacs Reset

I’ve had a pretty stable Emacs configuration for a while, but it also has been somewhat unruly at times. The big issue is that I really needed some package management. One option is to simply stick with the distro version of Emacs and apt for my package needs, but that would preclude me from trying new features and modes that have been developed recently.

For this reason, I build my own Emacs and have traditionally tried to keep my environment tidy myself.

As much as I thought I had things under control, whenever I set things up on a new machine it became apparent that my system for keeping track of things was less than ideal. Depending on what sort of development I had been doing recently, my environment would be at different levels of portability and rarely was it a lossless process moving around from machine to machine. Fortunately, it didn’t happen much, but it is enough pain to make me consider being a little more proactive with my Emacs config.

I read a post about the Emacs Starter Kit getting a reboot and while I knew it was a little to customized for my taste, the use ELPA and Marmalade were intriguing. These are package repositories for Emacs using package.el. After upgrading to the dev version of Emacs from git, I went ahead and started getting my packages in line, so I no longer had to keep my own /emacs.d/vendor/ directory in line.

Overall the process was actually pretty quick. I know I lost some custom functions, but I made a decision to bite the bullet and create some actual Emacs packages for those specialized functions and even found some new helpers. For example, I found dizzee which is a service starter that I used to replace all my customized functions. I also found nose.el for running nose on files and am in the process of rewriting it for pytest. This also exposed a project called Eco that looked like a nice middleground between the shell focused nature of virtualenv and a more explicit python setup.

This whole reboot might have also helped in diving into to rooting my phone too ;)