My Phone Sucks

When I first got interested in computers it ended up revolving around Linux. Back then people made a point to mention how well Linux can run on cheap hardware. Being a young, recently married college student scraping by with my wife by my side, doing things like purchasing high end hardware was out of the question. This also excluded Apple from being a preferred manufacturer.

After college and into my first real job, we ended up contracting to get some machines and they were blazingly fast. This was first time I really got it. When you are working on something, your tools need to help, not hurt. I had been using cheap machine in one way or another for a long time and while it could have been much worse, having a good tool makes a difference.

When my iPhone started to show its age and imminent demise, I wanted to get the best phone I could. I thought about an iPhone, but the hacker in me wanted something that I could potentially customize a bit and hack on. Android was the choice for me and I got the biggest/baddest dual core phone I could find, the Atrix.

This phone sucks! It reboots randomly. No clue why. The touch sensors on the screen vary from insanely over sensitive to impossible. The 8 mega pixel phone takes horrible photos. The supposedly 4G speeds are a joke. All in all, I’m not very happy with it and plan to replace it as soon as I can. I’ve already rooted in hopes I could remove whatever software that was causing so many problems. I’m hoping someone ends up distributing some software (ROM?) I can use replace the original OS with a more stock Android in hopes of getting rid of the bugs.

I should have gotten an iPhone. I thought the software could be better enough to trump the hardware being less polished and I was really wrong.

It is really important to recognize that details are not just details.

When something has been done with an attention to detail it means that someone didn’t just make something pretty or create a smooth line. An attention to detail means there was attention made to the things that you don’t want to pay attention to. Technology is composed of complex systems built on complex platforms. One small disregard for design at any level means potentially millions of lines of code sitting atop a fragile foundation. That is a recipe for disaster and why details mean more than a small design feature or subtle benefit.

My phone, while powerful, does not show an attention to detail and that sucks.