OS Panacea

You can’t have everything. I updated my VM to use the latest Ubuntu and while I like it just fine, it makes me want to delve deeper. I’d be alright using it every day as that I what I used to do, but alas, OS X is pretty darn reliable where it counts (network just works). The appeal of flexibility is often trumped by the reality of quality. When things just work it is hard to justify using something else.

NOTE: I wrote this post yesterday. I’ve been feeling sick the past few days and it felt like whatever sickness was waiting for me to push myself too hard before kicking in with a vengeance. My conclusion is that living like you are going to get sick is just as bad or worse than being sick. So, yesterday Lauren and I hung out with friends, hence this post coming a day late. I’m still on course for blogging every day for 30 days!