Thinking About Walking Dead

We started watching the AMC series, The Walking Dead. It isn’t anything terribly special in terms of the story or acting, but we enjoy our friends and it gives us a good chance to hang out. What I do like about it is that you constantly think about what you might do in a situation like that. What happens when a plague turns people into flesh eating monsters? Do you fight or flee? Is it worth the effort? Do you just let go and sacrifice yourself along or in a blaze of glory? It is an interesting thing to think about and I believe that is why the series has been a success.

Since Lauren and I have been feeling under the weather recently, we’ve been watching more TV than typical. We rented The Tree of Life which was another movie that was not as interesting without thinking about it. Lauren is exceptionally good at this sort of thing, which makes an abstract movie like Tree of Life a lot more of a positive memory than a bit of wasted time. She is able to pick out ideas and communicate them so clearly, that things you might have been thinking begin to take shape. It is a really great talent and skill she has honed throughout the years.

It is interesting how simply thinking about some subject changes your perception of it. There have been tons of bands and movies that I heard and walked away initially wondering why they were important or big deal. Then, after thinking about things, hearing/seeing more and generally letting whatever it was sink in, I end up really appreciating it. I like that art can change and that you can change yourself in order to enjoy it.