Seemingly Disconnected

It seems that my DNS service expired over the last week or so, the result being I missed some email. Life has also gotten in the way of my writing, which has added to the appearance of my disconnectedness. Even though I’m sure no one really even noticed, it still annoys me.

One of the reasons I haven’t been writing this past week is that my computer seemed to receive an update that it wasn’t happy with. I have a i7 MacBook Pro and unfortunately it has a history of locking up. I’m 99% it is a driver issue and my money is on thunderbolt being the cause. To make things work, VMWare Fusion, the tool I use to run Linux and do real work, seems to make things worse. It has been really frustrating to recognize I didn’t write anything for the day to sit down at my computer, see some odd pixelization and know the computer froze up again.

The other pain in my neck (and wallet) has been our van. We played a show on Tuesday and after loading the gear into the van at the practice space it wouldn’t start back up. It had been running poorly that day, but that happens every once in a while and it usually seems to work itself out. This time it didn’t. Fortunately, after we practiced it did start up and I drove it home. I’m going to take it up to the shop this afternoon and probably end up dropping way too much money to get it fixed.

My only saving grace is that if it is something that commonly breaks on the van, then my mechanic usually has a means of fixing it where it won’t break again. After buying the van we ended up finding out that there are a lot of components that fail. My mechanic is something of a diesel genius and can fix most of them in a way where they don’t break again (or he can get rid of them completely!). This is definitely a good thing as I have heard horror stories of people with similar engines fixing the same thing over and over again.

For those that do read and pay attention, my apologies. I should be back on track now, at least until my computer freezes up again.