Coding Pride

Are you proud of the code you write? What is it about some code are you specifically proud of? For me, I’ve become less and less proud of my code.

This doesn’t seem like a bad thing. It helps me to be humble and less attached. Lacking pride doesn’t imply that I don’t care about the code, but simply that when I’m done, it doesn’t feel like something I’m excited about showing people.

I can say it does concern me slightly. My perspectives seem to have changed slightly looking at code that I respect. It is typically pretty boring and nothing too interesting really happens. The meat of the code ends up being comments that describe rather clearly what should be going on. None of this is a bad thing, but I’m also finding myself less interested in new language features or using a feature that that is not well supported. In short, my code has become rather conservative.

Some would argue that this is a good thing and generally, and it should be obvious, I agree. With that said, it also seems to be indicative of a more fundamental issue of questionning my skills. Is the reason I don’t use some experimental feature because I don’t trust it will continue to be developed or is it really that the feature isn’t very easy for me to use? That slick new language feature that everyone is talking about looks helpful, but I’m not sure I really understand what the big deal about it is. Maybe I’m missing something.

It is important that I recognize when my code is wrong or none optimal, but it also is important that I feel I can code confidently. My lack of pride in my code actually feels more like a lack of confidence. As is with most of life, the solution is plain old hard work.