Devops Mindset

I’ve never said it, but I’ve never really been a fan of the devops concept. I have no problem with developers doing deployments or having root access to servers or something silly like that. My main complaint is that the divide between a sysadmins and developers is helpful as it forces an interface and protocol. I’m now thinking that perspective was wrong.

The devops movement always seemed to be born of the startup trend where developers are hired and must be responsible for every part of the system. Services like Amazon EC2 only made it a logical position to create in a small company that aims to build on the shoulders of giants. Seeing as I have no historical context to say whether my assumption was right or not, I’ll assume it was correct for the purpose of making my point.

The real impact of devops is providing empathy for both concerns in applications and system design. When you throw away the preconceived misconception each type of stake holder has, there are some really powerful solutions that can be created that help everyone out. The developers can write code to help cross the chasm between development and production while sysadmins can have their needs met more intimately with applications packaged and written with the system in mind.

In a way it is simply an optimization. Prior to devops, the consensus was that there was an actual wall you had to work around. Devops doesn’t remove the wall, but instead suggest that both sides work to build doors and windows that each can depend on. This is a much better situation. I’m glad I finally started to see it.