Holiday Recap

I’ve slacked a bit on writing thanks to the holidays, but that seems totally appropriate. Christmas is always a busy time because it provides some time without work which ends up being a lot of time for other work. Whether it is shopping for gifts or working on new music, there is something that needs to be done.

This time we went into the studio for some demoing. There are a lot of reasons to demo music. A demo is really when you record without a specific plan to release some music. Our goals were to put together some of the new songs we’ve been working on with our new drummer to see what people think and get folks excited about helping us with a new record. We’re pretty happy with how things are sounding, which only makes us more excited to keep writing music.

As music ended up taking a vast majority of free time, it meant that the work I did need to get done took up the rest of the time. This wasn’t terribly difficult work, but it was time consuming. One thing that made it easier was Xenv, a thin wrapper around virtualenv. This little tool is really just my own experiment. I found when using virtualenv it was all too easy to just use Python. This is an advantage in many ways because it means the tool is getting out of your way. But, when I wanted to work on creating a new environment (not just a virtualenv), it was not as direct. Xenv gave me a really simple place to connect to a specific environment. It also lent some clarity to my Dad project. It isn’t a lot of code and I don’t think it has to be used as much as implemented for other situations. The concept I think is most important aspect and generally it has felt like a personal success.

After Christmas, we did more recording and had a great New Year’s Eve show. It was the first time using some new Christmas gear and things seemed to go very well. New Year’s Day we went with some friends to The Choctaw Casino before heading to Dallas for the evening. We enjoyed a great Ethiopian meal and saw both my alma maters battle it out in the Ticket City Bowl. It was a great time.

I don’t have any major resolutions or new commitments this year. My goal is to be an incrementally better person, which seems pretty doable.