A Silver Lining Amidst Tragedy

The new year brought a painful dose of tragedy in the loss of our friend Esme. To learn more about what happened and to find information on how to help check out these words from waterloo records. Esme was a really amazing person. She loved music and was an example of the kind of person that makes all the hard work and money spent being in a band completely worth it.

Losing someone is never easy as it creates a void. Something is missing that you wish was still there. The experience is different for everyone, but what is consistent is the mark left behind. It is safe to say that Esme left a beautiful and deep mark on everyone around her.

It is this mark left behind that we can see some positivity within the tragedy. People begin to speak up and share stories. Friendships are grown and the community rallies. Some people find new meaning in what they do and others make commitments beyond themselves. I hope that as we reflect on our lost friend we do so with a desire to change how we live today. Let great things rise up from the sadness we feel in the loss of our friend. We as a community have already begun to react and while our feelings are sad, the actions are becoming more powerful and spread memories of a great person.