Slowing Down

Speed is overrated and yet my mind thinks it is of extreme importance. The extra few minutes spent triple checking some detail is agonizing to my silly brain that simply wants to go go go. It is extremely frustrating that the process of communicating ideas is rife with peril. Just taking the words from my mind to my keyboard is a struggle at times. Typos are just one example. My eyes look at what was written and find the concepts I wanted to communicate instead of words that need proofreading.

The one tool I know I have to battle this curse is to simply slow down. Instead of the silent reading most do, I can read aloud to help improve my comprehension. My own ears filter the cruft and make clear when an idea is simply wrong. When I was a kid I took a test that suggested I was an auditory learner, so my assumption is that by communicating audibly, my mind gets a healthy does of reality.

Even though I recognize this powerful tool, my mind wants to avoid it in the quest for speed. I need to slow down and speak clearly to myself. This post is meant as a reminder.