Making Transitions

I can’t tell you how many times a transition has made a song work. A riff or chorus, no matter how interesting or catchy, is only as good as the transition that introduces it. This theme also holds true when developing systems. APIs and tools such as databases are only as good as the data formats used in the transitions. A well designed architecture with a poorly designed data or storage format will quickly gain complexity, losing the benefits of the system design.

At work I’ve been taking an existing internal API and transitioning it to a service based API. The process has proven to reveal a wide arrayf of complexity. In my efforts to manage this complexity, the best tactic has been to focus on the data format passing between the two systems. Defining expectations and the contract using the format, it has enabled simplifying the service as well as making the client code manageable.

While I’m still very much in the process of making the changes, the strategy of adjusting the data going between the systems has made other decisions much simpler. The result is that both the service and the client application can be implemented with elegance and simplicity.