Announcing (the poorly named) HTTPCache

I’ve been a fan of httplib2 for a long time. It does caching right and has support for authentication via HTTP Basic and Digest. The problem with httplib2 is that it is not threadsafe. There are some data structures used within the code that make unsafe for reuse with threads.

One thing to do to improve this situation is to use a different caching mechanism, but it still means that you need a thread specific instance in order to avoid issues using it with threads.

The new hotness in HTTP client libs is requests. The API is reminiscent of httplib2 and has support for many of the same authentication schemes. More importantly though, it is threadsafe and even provides a session construct that helps to make using requests similar to using any other data resource connection. These are all great features, but the one thing it lacks is HTTP caching support.

Enter HTTPCache.

HTTPCache is a really simple wrapper that ports httplib2’s caching for use with requests. Here is a simple example:

import requests
from httpcache import CacheControl

sess = CacheControl(requests.session())
resp = sess.get('')

There is still some work to do, but if you were interested in the caching of httplib2 with everything else in requests, take a look.