Hosting Changes

I’ve had a VPS host since 2007 in order to run Python web apps. The reasoning is that most shared host, in addition to killing long running processes, rarely made it easy to create your own environment. I’ll remind you, this was in the early stages of virtualenv and there were still hairy tutorials on how to get a Python WSGI process running on Dreamhost.

Since then the landscape has changed quite a bit. There are far more hosts that support long running processes. There are services such as Heroku that make deployment of Python apps a cinch. VPS hosting has also become more common and easy to get up and running.

Beyond the technical differences, the biggest reason I switched from VPS Link to Digital Ocean was because of the price. As anyone who has used a VPS, ram is a fleeting resource. With only 256MB running any LAMP stack is pushing the limits. Nevermind being able to use something like MongoDB or some other more interesting NoSQL store. I’m now spending $10 a month for a gig of memory where I was spending $25 a month for 256MB. It was a no brainer.

The other change is that I’ve switched from Pelican to Tinkerer for my blog. I’m not positive I’ll stick with it since sometimes it is nice to have the WordPress infrastructure in place. Now that I can actually run a database, I wouldn’t mind switching back. For the time being though, I’m going to check out Tinkerer and write some elisp to make using it easy in Emacs.