Milk the Cat?

I finally read Dune. It was more of a fantasy story than pure sci-fi. The picture Dune paints reminded me of something you’d see in Heavy Metal or some other comic, so it was a pretty fun read.

Then I made the mistake of watching the movie.

First off, the positive. The movie really tries to fit as much as the book as possible. It uses a narrator to fill in a lot gaps and includes the internal dialog prevalent in the book. It ends up being pretty cheesy though and reminded me of The Wonder Years.

Now, obviously the book is better the movie. What is funny is where the movie took liberties. Generally, the “powers” of the different characters feel more magical than in the book. This isn’t a huge deal, but it cheeses the movie out.

The worst and most ridiculous is the milking of the cat.

In the book there is a character that is captured by the antagonist camp. He is given a poison that requires a daily dosage in order to keep the mortal effect at bay. In the book they give it to him in his food.

What do you think they did in the movie?

That’s right. They brought in a totally stupid contraption built around an annoyed white cat that had a rat on its back and told this character that he had to milk the cat every day in order to keep the poison at bay. I have no idea...

The worst part of it all was that the movie made the book feel cheesy. It was so bad that the imagery and story the book painted started to feel like a cheesy 80s B sci-fi flick. It was kind of bummer.

Bask in the awfulness.