Eric Larson

Address:8510 Loralinda Dr, Austin, TX 78753
Phone:(512) 535-1825

Open Source Projects

  • CacheControl - I’m the primary author of CacheControl. It is the recommended cache implementation for requests and is included in pip, the standard Python packaging tool. CacheControl is a HTTP caching algorithm library for requests. CacheControl builds off of the excellent caching algorithms in httplib2 to allow for robust, distributed and threadsafe cache implementations.
  • Withenv - A tool to manage environment variables on a per command basis using YAML files. Withenv is an essential tool in our DevOps workflow for driving operations.
  • Xe - The xe command setups an executable environment on a per-command basis, providing consistent commands, even when using different tooling in an environment. Xe allows automating things like builds and tests for CI/CD while allowing autonomy in development.
  • Rdo - Rdo allows running commands transparently on a remote machine, or more commonly, a Vagrant VM in order to capitalize on local tooling that processes stdout such as traceback parsing.
  • Buildenv - We use Jenkins for CI/CD along with the build flow plugin. Buildenv replicates aspects of the buildflow plugin in order to run complex deployment flows locally for testing.
  • Bach - Bach is a set of small utilities written in Go to help legacy apps utilize 12 Factor techniques. Bach provides a more featureful Withenv command that my team has been using for driving deployments.
  • Openstack Designate - Designate is the DNSaaS offering for Openstack. In the 2016 Openstack User Survey, Designate ranked 2nd in user interest.

Work Experience

Rackspace 2015 - Present

I work on the Cloud DNS team, contributing to the Openstack DNSaaS project Designate. My role includes upstream development, maintaining and iterating on the operational code base, mentoring junior developers on the team and providing software to improve the lower level data plane as needed.

  • Led the developer side of the DevOps operational code base that proved to be a best practice and was implemented by many other teams within Rackspace. This included the use of Withenv for managing environment data and driving operations, the use of Makefiles for a standard entry point into projects, documentation best practices to provide for pull-request based communication within a team and utilizing Docker for consistent builds within development and continuous integration.
  • Designed and co-authored a new worker model in Designate. The architectural shift provided for consistent performance at scale and eliminated the final issues blocking our next milestone. The worker model also reduced the operational complexity, removing two distinct processes and provided for a critical component to be rewritten in Go, increasing performance by 4x.
  • Promoted to Core Reviewer for Designate and invited into the OpenStack Leadership Team within Rackspace. This included presenting at the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo and Austin, as well as attending mid-cycle meetups overseas.
  • Wrote Rebindr, a tool to propagate zones between two instances of the Bind DNS server. Rebindr improves propagation time of creates by 10x. It also allows the rate limit for zone creation to go from a global limit of ~10 zones per minute to ~200.
  • Designed and merged a hookpoint API in upstream Designate. This provides a mechanism to apply changes necessary to integrate with existing infrastructure without requiring a separate fork of the code.
  • Created Panama, an API to enforce consistency between the legacy DNS control plane and Designate. Panama verifies whether a zone exists in either system and is able to adjust the business logic throughout the process of migration, giving preference to the relevant system over time. Panama was critical to ensuring data consistency across our entire DNS infrastructure.

YouGov 2008 - 2016

YouGov is a market research company providing custom statistical analysis, survey and panel services, as well as turnkey research products. I worked on the questionnaire and surveying system and a data warehouse and data analytics system.

  • Introduced an effective caching mechanism for a central RESTful service router responsible for providing a uniform interface to backend services and databases. This caching layer is the essential means of optimization for almost all production systems.
  • Implemented a RESTful data warehouse called Pangaea using Amazon S3 for storage and Django for the API. This system supports easy integration with Big Data analytics tools such as Amazon Redshift, Elastic Map Reduce, Apache Hive (via a hosted Hadoop service) and internal analysis using Python and R. This warehouse has allowed the business to create a new suite of competitive, automated, high margin analytics products.
  • Created a declarative ETL / Data processing framework for reliably extracting data from existing services into our data warehouse and transforming existing data before pushing it to external services. These ETLs have uploaded over 1 million documents totaling over 1.5 terabytes of data.
  • Designed a system for ETL processes to run remotely on existing servers consistently without requiring ownership of the server OS. This allowed our data warehouse project to reduce its computing and space requirements by utilizing existing hosts in our cluster. This minimized the initial financial and technical investment before proving its value to the company.
  • Wrote a threadsafe parser for an internal Domain Specific Language used for scripting surveys. The parser produced a JSON document that allowed analytics on questionnaires, but most importantly, allowed us to deprecate countless custom parsers that had been written for other projects and for ad-hoc analysis.
  • Created Dragoman, gettext as a RESTful service that supports the global organizations i18n requirements across all sites and services. Dragoman decoupled code releases from translation updates, allowing the global organization to quickly update translations as needed at any time.

WebWorks 2006 - 2007

WebWorks provides document transformation products for technical writers. Complex technical documents can be written in word processors such as Word or Adobe FrameMaker and exported to different targets. The flagship product was a design and build tool called ePublisher written in C# and utilized XSLT based pipelines for processing documents and creating output.

  • Created a lazily evaluated object wrapper for FrameMaker documents in Python that utilized the low level FrameMaker C API in order to easily traverse documents. This library was used in both IronPython and CPython for custom projects as well as within ePublisher, the company’s flagship product.
  • Implemented an extensible build tool using IronPython that emulated build system features from Rails and Python (Paste, WSGI) in order to make development with the ePublisher suite of applications easier. Using this build tool, we were able to quickly create minimal templates and projects that allowed us to dogfood our build platform and experiment with new ideas that eventually became part of the product.
  • Maintained and extended ePublisher’s C# codebase, build pipelines (XSLT) and output targets. The flagship output target was a customized documentation system written in HTML and JavaScript.

Novell 2005 - 2006

I worked as an intern with the Product Design Team for Novell whose function was to design and test user interfaces associated with the GNOME desktop. Specifically, this included creating demo applications, writing specifications and mock-ups that would be used in improving user interfaces for the Novell Linux Desktop and its associated applications. This included notable projects such as the Banshee Music Player, F-Spot Photo Manager, iFolder, and desktop search integration.

  • Implemented, an open source website dedicated to improving Linux desktop usability through usability testing and analysis. was released at the 2006 GNOME Summit in Boston.
  • Redesigned the Novell Linux Desktop 10 panel, start menu and applets to support a new search based paradigm for the desktop.
  • Created a usability test review system for logging usability test results in real time while users were asked to complete tasks using a Linux desktop, mock application and even paper mockups.


  • B.S. in Information Sciences and Technology from Pennsylvania State University - University Park, PA
  • B.A. in History from The University of Houston - Houston, TX