Getting Started

One thing that is always hard when you’re new to something is knowing how to get started. When I try to learn a new language or library, I often get analysis paralysis because I have no idea what is the right way to do things. I can instantly imagine the way I’m organizing my project or writing some code is the beginning of a huge mistake that will be painful to sort out later....

April 5, 2019

Not Quite the Year of the Linux Desktop

Every so often I get tired of looking at the same old screens. It is not as if there are tons of programs I use throughout the day. There is a web browser, slack and Emacs. At some point I get antsy and want to see what is I could improve things. Specifically, I recently was thinking about my desktop environment and if something lighter weight might help save a little power and speed things up....

March 3, 2019

Email and Scheduling

Isn’t there some other email and calendar other than G Suite?

February 26, 2019