Getting Started

One thing that is always hard when you’re new to something is knowing how to get started. When I try to learn a new language or library, I often get analysis paralysis because I have no idea what is the right way to do things. I can instantly imagine the way I’m organizing my project or writing some code is the beginning of a huge mistake that will be painful to sort out later....

April 5, 2019

Making a Dartboard

I mentioned to a mentor of mine that there are tons of resource for working with people as a manager, but there are so few resources for the nuts and bolts of the job. He mentioned that as he has moved up the organizational ladder, the requirements get more vague because many leaders simply don’t know what they want. The result is that part of the job is creating a dartboard they can start throwing things at to find out what they actually want....

March 12, 2019

Managing Up

Trying to understand your audience by asking those around you.

February 9, 2019

Job Requirements Expanded

I’m looking for someone to join my team! Here is a deeper dive describing what I’m looking for.

January 30, 2019

Tactics, Strategy, Mission and Vision

My attempt to understand tactics, strategy, mission and vision as it pertains to organizations.

January 14, 2019

Personal READMEs and User Manuals

I’ve heard that manager READMEs are bad. The criticism revolves around these documents ultimately being self serving by giving the author a way to justify acting in the wrong. For example, if I write in my README that “I don’t handle criticism well” and I explode when someone says I’m wrong, I’m OK because I said it up front. Camille Fournier made the point that people should just do the work and fix their issues rather than putting it on our teams to deal with our faults....

January 8, 2019